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Verification Details

  • SHA1 Checksum 1994189d6732fe762875f88f5a807d79fa0d6e62
  • MD5 Checksum 61f90cb4fc23be70d0fd4b60afe3b264
  • SHA1 Certificate fingerprint E8:4C:C1:A4:DC:E7:EF:CA:9F:11:F2:6A:5A:46:38:31:ED:11:DE:B8
  • SHA256 Certificate fingerprint 21:20:4C:ED:33:63:DA:1D:3D:9A:D9:81:7F:D0:52:EA:E0:AA:78:0E:18:24:F9:A1:01:DB:8F:A8:06:CD:F6:7B


The official app that enables you to quickly check for the latest Open GApps packages and download them from

Permissions requested by the app:

  • The app requires access to the filesystem to be able to download and store the Open GApps packages in your Downloads-folder.

  • If your device has root enabled and you grant root permissions to the app, it can instruct the recovery to directly install the Open GApps package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I have a problem with flashing the Open GApps package, where can I get help?

    Check the support page for help with the packages and installation.

  • Why does flashing Open GApps result in losing the permissions granted to the app?

    The first time you flash Open GApps on a system that has no GApps yet, it needs to reset all system permissions. That means all current permissions are lost, also for this app.

  • Why is there an advertisement in the app when I download a package?

    The Open GApps project is supported through donations and advertisements. The app shows only a pre-loaded advertisement after starting the download, it does not block or slow the download process. We will never impair functionality and thank you for supporting the project!

  • Can I help to translate and localize the application?

    Yes you can! Go here for the files with translatable strings. You can use Android Studio or any text editor to create your translations. Open a GitHub Pull Request with your updated files when you are done!

  • I think I found a bug in the app, how can I report it?

    We are always interested in feedback! Report your bug here. Please take notice not to report any bugs with the Open GApps package through this bugtracker.

  • Can I support this project through donation?

    Yes, you can support the Open GApps Project, it writes the software that provides the Open GApps packages. HomeSupport by DonationSource on GitHubCommunity on XDA ForumManual on WikiFollow via PushbulletDownload Open GApps AppOpen GApps BlogOpen GApps on FacebookOpen GApps on Google+Open GApps on TwitterOpen GApps on YouTubeOpen GApps App