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The Hague, Apr. 1, 2016 - The Open GApps Team is very excited and proud to announce it’s been acquired by Google Inc. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai explains how this latest acquisition is part of Google’s updated strategy as an Alphabet company: “By strengthening the Android division we can encapsulate even more of the Android market share, by acquiring Open GApps we directly gain over 90% marketshare of the AOSP-based installs and is proof of our commitment to ‘be together, not the same’.”

The Open GApps developers are very happy with the acquisition. MFonville is tasked with heading Google’s new shell-scripting division and a GSoC-project for developing a new “gsh”-shell. Also MNBooze is very content: “I will be relocated to the Google Campus and will be creating a Python based crawler that searches the Google-Docs department to find their newest APKs. This will enable us to release APKs even before they will reach the Play Store!” Raulx222 will join the Material Design Lite Project to bring MDL to the AROMA Recovery.