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Statistics update

It was time to crunch again some updated numbers from the website and the pre-built packages downloads. To gather the stats I wrote some better tools (Python instead of my old shell scripts) that fetch the data from the GitHub API, so future updates will be more easy.

The average amount of unique daily visitors at is according to Google Analytics around 55k. The amount of ad-blockers used is way over 50%. No surprise there with our tech-savvy crowd, luckily some people do contribute by donating instead, for which I am very grateful! By multiplying the amount of downloads of each package variant with its size we were also able to find out how many bytes of packages are downloaded everyday: 30TiB, happy to be hosted by GitHub’s cloud! So, what packages are being downloaded? I compiled two sets of data, lifetime stats and those of March 2016, below.

Lifetime Architectures

lifetime architectures

In this chart we see the architectures. Clearly ARM is still most popular. But ARM64 is gaining ground and also x86 is becoming more frequent. x86_64 Doesn’t exist that long and has such little share that it is marked as Other by Google Fusion Tables.

Lifetime APIs

lifetime apis

It is visible that 6.0 gained ground very quickly in the total number of downloads. One major reason is that is still quite young (less than a year old) and 6.0 was released when the project was still gaining popularity. The 5.1 high tide has been missed.

Lifetime Variants

lifetime variants

Super has been introduced more recently and is still not as popular as the other packages. Easily explained by the fact that it is only meant for power users that want to use a gapps-config with some of the more exotic applications.

March 2016 Architectures

march architectures

In the March architectures overview you can see there are no major shifts compared to the lifetime stats, but ARM64 is very slowly growing.

March 2016 APIs

march apis

In the March APIs it is visible that 6.0 is now the de-facto standard for ROMs. 5.0 is shrinking. Also 4.4 is becoming less popular.

March 2016 Variants

march variants

In the March variants overview it is visible that the smaller pico and nano packages are gaining. It seems that the growing size of Google’s apps makes stock not always fit on /system/ and leads to people switching to smaller packages, especially compared to the popularity stock had on 5.1 in September last year. Also aroma did shrink compared to September 2015, very probably caused by the unmaintained ‘AROMA Installer’ and the more frequent issues it poses on various devices and recent recoveries. You can read more about that in Raul’s post.