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Femto package

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Femto package

Today we introduce a new Open GApps variant with groundbreaking technology: the femto package!

After developing in close collaboration with various government agencies and its contractors, we can now share with you a great new technology that makes it more easy to install the latest Open GApps on your device! Instead of downloading the large flashable zip packages, the femto package is a small universal installer, compatible with all devices. It only includes a very minimal installer that activates the ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) antenna in your mobile device (as long as it is not wrapped in tin foil).

Using the ELF antenna it can then automatically download the latest GApps broadcasted by the United States HAARP service into the ionosphere. Downloading can take up to 10 minutes, depending on weather conditions. Take note, the wireless service is currently restricted and only available for those in the northern hemisphere.

HAARP service

We are very excited to test this service now with a greater audience, after a successful beta test by world and tech industry leaders at Davos last January.

The Open GApps Team wishes you happy GApps flashing today!