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Android 9.0 Pie


A new Android release Pie was released in August. Two Open GApps supporters (SpasilliumNexus and nezorflame) quickly got to work creating pull requests (1, 2, 3, and 4) and hosting unoffical builds. But were happy to launch on September 7th our first 9.0 packages.

Beta Quality

Even though we did do as much as we could, the current builds are beta-quality at best. Users can experience some glitches that were not caught yet.

New Applications

Android 9.0 brought us some new applications and keywords. Action Services and Better Together are in the super package.

Webview and Chrome

Another important change, and giving still some headaches, is the new Google Webview behavior. In 7.0 Google Chrome and its variants (Beta, Dev, Canary) gained the ability to replace the standard Google Webview package as Webview provider. Our developers are currently busy figuring out what patches should be applied to ROMs to allow Webview provider selection on feature-parity with Google’s stock ROMs. When sorted out and patches provided to ROM developers this will probably imply some changes the package selection and logic for 9.0. i.e. when Google Chrome is installed it would be unnecessary to install Google Webview too.

Support and Questions

As usual, if you experience any issues with these packages, please report them in our XDA thread and don’t forget to attach debug logs and a logcat!